Velvet Loom Machine Manufacturer in Bhawani Mandi

Velvet Loom Machine Manufacturer in Bhawani Mandi Specification

Working Width : 150/170cm
Process Speed: 150/170 rpm
It can Weave all kinds of Velvet such as Mulberry silk Georgette, Polyester, and Nylon Velvet.
Loom’s front body with Beam Shaft Install Doddy and back Machine can Install pile yarn Beam and base yarn Beam
Drive and Break: 1KW Single Moter Drive
Shedding Mechanism: Dobby Shedding or Outside the Tappet Motion with 10-16 PCS Heald frame.
Yarn let off & take up: Mechanical / Electrical
Batching device: Positive, gear type
Pile yarn let off: Positive Quantitative Yarn Let-Off
Can Install Electrical Jacquard
Dimension : 3.1 x 3.3 x 2.5m
Weight : 2000 / 2200 kg

Velvet Loom Machine Manufacturer in Bhawani Mandi Overview

The velvet loom machine manufacturer in Bhawani Mandi will weave a double-layer cloth, as needed by the velvet structure, with a certain height of pile warp between the top and bottom layers. Later, the two-layer cloth would be torn apart to create two velvet fabrics.

The velvet loom machine is equipped with an intelligent velvet control system that allows it to perform tasks such as electronic let-off for land and pile warps, electronic pile raising, electronic dobby shedding, electronic confuser weft injection, and more.

During the weaving process, the velvet weaving loom machine manufacturer in Bhawani Mandi maintains a consistent tension and maintains an accurate pile height.

The use of an air jet weft insertion process eliminates tension between the warp, pile, and selvage yarns. Meanwhile, confuser relay weft injection will increase insertion efficiency while lowering energy consumption. This is a distinct advantage over other forms of velvet looms machine, such as the rapier and shuttle.

A specially designed velvet temple cylinder will completely open up the fabric surface, preventing shrinkage from influencing the fabric’s consistency and performance. The heating selvage system will provide a perfect clean selvage for further processing.

Velvet Looms Machine Manufacturer in Bhawani Mandi Technical Elements

  • Electro-Magnetic Brake Saves Electricity:

The Main Motor’s built-in Electromagnetic Brake System saves energy by stopping the motor automatically when the velvet loom machine stops spinning. 

  • Increased Productivity and Less Bobbin Changes:

The Shuttle’s large scale (35mm X 45mm X 16.5 inches) results in fewer Pirn changes.

  • Electronic Shedding That Is Easy to Use:

For 20 shafts, it’s a shedding mechanism. Electronic Dobby aids in the weaving of Velvet Fabric with a dobby pattern. Electronic Dobby allows you to easily and quickly create, edit, transfer, and weave designs.

  • Electronics that are both managed and effective Nearly follow:

Electronic Let-off Motion with Load-Cell and Heavy Whip Roller (Double) assists in weaving the beam at nearly constant beam tension and at a constant unwinding speed (MPM) from max to empty beam. Maintenance is almost non-existent due to the use of fewer and more powerful materials. 

  • Variable Take-Off Speed, Fly High with Endless Creativity:

Take up with electronic devices Weaver can run 5 separate/variable density designs thanks to motion synchronized with Electronic Dobby (Pick range: 40 to 250). Using this one-of-a-kind feature of the loom, customers will weave value-added products.

  • Pile Motion Technology that is Precise and Adaptable:

Electronic Pile Motion aids in the continuous unwinding of Pile Beams at the desired rate. Since there are less durable components, it needs less maintenance and is easier to operate.

  • One Deed Will Satisfy Two Needs:

Linear Motion results in EVEN cutting of piles around the distance of both the bottom and top cloth “ON LOOM.”

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