High-Speed Loom Jacquard Machine in Aurangabad

High-Speed Rapier Loom Machine in Aurangabad Specification

All functions controlled by a microprocessor. Graphic, user-friendly terminal. Data interface provides network capability
Framework structure consisting of lateral cast-iron shoulders, connected with steel cross beam
Centralized lubrication system. All control mechanisms are in the oil bath
Electronically controlled warp-let off and cloth take-up
Automatic pick finding
Sley controlled by a double complementary cam mechanism and driven directly by the main drive shaft
Electronic ground let-off type IDEA for single beams with flanges Ø 800 mm
Standard Take-up and let-off suitable for standard weft density
Standard beam change system, for beams with flanges Ø 800 mm
2-ends leno device with Grob heddle
Reinforced backrest roller with double drive
Braking device for single backrest roller
SMIT Warp stop motion with 6 contact bars and LED indication
Mechanical false selvage cutters
Central Binding Quant. 2
Set of temples type G – 24 rings
Electronic Weft Selector for 8 colors equipped with mechanical weft cutter
Eltex weft detector, 8 holes
Grippers suitable for double weft insertion
Raceboard with green cloth
Warp deviation blade: fixed
Take-up roller covering with P180 Emery
Smooth metallic
Anticrease bar
Loom Controller For Single Beam
Colored “touch screen” terminal
Weft stop motion function (the loom stops at end-of-bobbin)
Main drive prepared for 350-370/410-430 V 50 Hz
Warp ends recovery reel
English / Machine software language
Jacquard interface: serial
Loom direct drive system
Tension surge arrester device
Loom equipped with fabric guard
Loom without oil

High-Speed Loom Jacquard Machine in Aurangabad Description

The most Advance high-speed rapier loom with an electronic jacquard machine for Jacquard weaving is accessible in wide widths up to 360cm and with 10,000 hooks electronic jacquard. The weaving High-Speed Loom Jacquard Machine in Aurangabad is totally incorporated into a consistent single control board to give simplicity of activity while guaranteeing blunder-free weaving.

A high-speed electronic jacquard machine in Aurangabad is reasonable for the creation of excellent fabric of synthetic and natural yarns easily. Strong Machine Frame and Unique drive bringing about the least maintenance. The fundamental parts run in an anti-grating bearing. Unbending great design beat-up gives magnificent fabric. PLC control board. Stable weft addition.

Greatness high-speed loom machine adopts rapier head transfer path in weft inclusion, decreases the rush of weft strain, and dodges the weft breakage. The high-speed loom machine is carefully constrained by a 32bit CPU microcomputer. Cut off controlled electric let, take-up to acknowledge consistent strain weaving. Loom can be associated with the organization and remote transmission can work out so the running and administration data can without much of a stretch input.

We are pleased to present ourselves as the top high-speed look jacquard machine manufacturer, trader, distributor, and supplier. Our high-speed loom jacquard is made under the supervision of skilled specialists utilizing high-quality components and cutting-edge technology. This high-speed loom jacquard machine in Aurangabad is also praised for its great strength and extended lifespan. We provide this high-speed loom jacquard in Aurangabad to customers at competitive pricing.

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