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Rapier Loom Machine in Modinagar Specification

REED SPACE : 150 cm to 300 cm (60″ to 120″)
WIDTH REDUCTION : Minimum 4″ & Maximum 20″
PERFORMANCE : Filling insertion rate up to 275 m/min
YARN RANGE : Spun Yarn : Ne 8.0 to Ne 120 I Filament yarns : 20 den up to 2000 den
FILLING SELECTION : Pick and pick selection by mechanical up to 8 colour mechanically controlled by Dobby / Jacquard
SHEDDING MOTION : Tappet / Dobby / Jacquard
LET-OFF MOTION : Mechanical & Electrical semi positive let-off. I Warp beam dia : up to 600 mm I Back rest : Double back rest rolls
STOP MOTION : Warp : infrared Sensor I Weft : Piezo Electronic Sensor
CUTTER : Weft Cutter : Mechanical Standard (M.S.) I Selvedge Cutter : Mechanical Standard
CLOTH TAKE UP : 7 Wheel with 5 Polls I Cloth Roll Dia : up to 400 mm
MAIN DRIVE : 6-Pole ac motor with electromagnetic break
LUBRICATION : minimal manual lubrication points and remaining all friction points are fitted with self-lubrication sealed bearings.

Rapier Loom Machine in Modinagar Standard Dimension

OCR60 150cm / 60 inch 1790 1360 3410
OCR64 160cm / 64 inch 1790 1360 3510
OCR68 170cm / 68 inch 1790 1360 3610
OCR72 180cm / 72 inch 1790 1360 3710
OCR76 190cm / 76 inch 1790 1360 3810
OCR82 205cm / 82 inch 1790 1360 3960
OCR92 230cm / 92 inch 1790 1360 4210
OCR102 255cm / 102 inch 1790 1360 4460
OCR110 275cm / 110 inch 1790 1360 4660
OCR120 300cm / 120 inch 1790 1360 4910

Rapier Loom Machine in Modinagar Description:

A rapier loom machine in Modinagar is a priceless weaving loom in which the filling yarn. It is helped through the shed of twisted yarns to the opposite side of the loom by a finger-like bearer called rapiers.

A fixed bundle of yarn is utilized to supply the weft yarns in the rapier machine. One finish of a rapier, a bar, or steel tape, conveys the weft yarn. The opposite finish of the rapier is associated with the control system. The rapier gets across the width of the textile material, helping the weft yarn across through the shed to the contrary side. The rapier is then withdrawn, leaving the new pick location.

In certain forms of the rapier loom machine in Modinagar, two rapiers are utilized, a large portion of the width of the material in size. One rapier conveys the yarn to the focal point of the shed, where the restricting rapier gets the yarn and conveys it the rest of the path across the shed. The double rapier looms machine in Modinagar is utilized more than the single rapier machine because of its speed up and capacity to weave more extensive widths of material.

More rapier loom machines in Modinagar are worked with two particular weaving regions for two different fabrics. On such rapier loom machines, one rapier gets the yarn from the middle, between the two different fabrics, and conveys it across one weaving region; as it wraps up laying that pick, the furthest edge of the rapier gets another yarn from the middle, and the rapier moves the other way to lay a pick for the second weaving zone, on the other portion of the rapier loom machine. A solitary width of texture for a solitary inflexible rapier system, a twofold unbending rapier system, and a twofold adaptable rapier system.

Rapier loom machines in Modinagar faster than most shuttle machines yet more steadily than most other machines. A significant lead of rapier loom machines is their adaptability, which allows the laying of picks of various colors. They additionally weave yarns of fiber and can weave fabrics up to 110 inches in width without adjustment.

With the help of our experts, we give our customers an excellent Rapier Loom Machine in Modinagar. WE offered rapier loom machine is made utilizing ideal quality parts and growing technology in adherence to industry standards. Because of its various quality highlights, this rapier loom machine in Modinagar is broadly adulated by our important customers. We offer this rapier loom machine to the clients according to the prerequisites to satisfy their various requests.

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